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Commercial Landscape

It incorporates the planning, design, installation and long-term maintenance of a landscape into a finished product that reflects a business's personality and values

A beautiful working environment is known to increase output by the workers, attract more clients to the business and create a fresh atmosphere for improved employee health. Commercial landscapes are a little different from residential spaces. The landscaping companies work on the spaces to ensure the layout of the landscape reflects the fundamental values of the company or companies within the compound.


-Softening of harsh architectural lines and angles by use of the right plants in the right places. Plants bring balance to an overly harsh looking landscape or to sloppy areas (such as utility boxes). A mix of grass, shrubs, and other plants makes a boring area look like paradise.

-Use of artificial water bodies such as man-made ponds, fountains and artificial waterfalls to create a natural feel in the commercial spaces

-Planting of lawns, natural fences, fertilizing, weeding, mowing, and pruning the plants to maintain a manicured look.

-Designing spaces that reflect your values: a low-water native plant landscape for green businesses, or a homey garden feel for apartments.

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